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Stage design and matters needing attention

  Now, there are a lot of families are in the pursuit of modern city to enjoy and taste a comfortable life, so no matter the size of the bedroom, in which to set up a stage, all for the whole family to build some fashion and novelty. But how to design the bar is more reasonable? This needs to follow the family lifestyle, eating habits, leisure entertainment orientation and their housing conditions of the space, at the time of design into the be fond of of family and fun, but also with the style of whole room.
  1, bar the position selectedIn the stage design of the past, people are put it as an extension of the bar or restaurant, so the bar on the corner of the sitting room commonly, but mostly is equipped with a buffet, chairs and cabinets (can also be used as wine), and other facilities. Now some avant-garde and fashion design stage, mostly as an open space partition between kitchen and dining-room, are generally installed on the top mounted wine cabinets, metal bar itself is also used glass block artifacts, metal texture of mesa, because these combinations can bring the wind of contracted and lively.
  In some of the double entry structure residence, mostly fragmentary space before using double entry stair, will stage into the whole bedroom space, the choice of walnut compare rare panels with the white that mix oil, such as combination of design style, because in this position will be affected by the limit of space height, so try not to do condole top, only need to install the simple model of straight line above the bar ingenious and shoot the light, can foil the atmosphere of the bar.
  In the interior design of the bar, must see the bar as a part of the whole space, and not just an independent space or a few pieces of furniture, so in the design to consider more comprehensive.
  If the space is enough big, in the home can be placed the bar in the lounge or audiovisual room, the installation location exactly corresponds to its function, in addition, the bar can also choose where can attract people sedentary, for example, you can set the bar across the living room TV, so many people can drink while enjoy the wonderful TV program, or watching a wonderful film, which can provide a chat of material.
  If their house is at the top, because the height of the view, you can choose to put the bar on the ground of the window, so that we can in drinking a cup of tea at the same time enjoy the wonderful view position brings the aesthetic feeling of environment.
  Bar location choice will directly affect the and its related circuit and the design of water supply and drainage, if put it in the pipes or drains far corner, water supply and drainage would be caused by certain difficulties, and a drain must also have a certain Angle. If put the bar near the outdoor place, you can put a drain from outside, in order to separate drainage pipeline, if you want to connect to the line, it should be carried out from the ceiling or wall tube, but such construction will be very trouble.
  If use high power consumption in the bar, such as induction cooker, coffee is best in this piece of design a circuit, so that you can avoid tripping circuit.
  2, the arrangement of the barAfter defining the placement of the bar, can according to the living environment and personal hobbies to choose their way of layout.
  The layout of the bar can be roughly divided into the following kinds:Angle of type decorate, use room corner place to decorate. The guest can sit around the table, convenient to talk, and make interior space more show compact, does not have interest and practical.
  Embedded decorate, in the bedroom of some irregular, can use the concave part in setting the bar, so that we can effectively use of interior space, make whole room has the feeling of uniformity.
  Stick a wall to decorate, in a less interference indoor metope decorate wall bar, because covers an area of very few, so can save interior space effectively. The bar can be placed against the wall, cabinet put on the bar, and then the hanging a piece of decoration on ceiling, ceiling on embedded tube light, make the light cast on the bar and wine.
  Table type is decorated, is combined with the function of the bar, the dining room table is put in form of "T" or "L" shape, the bar can be divided into two layers, the lower folding, set up can be used as a small table for people to have dinner, put down when I became a small stage, so that we can use less area, stents can also consider using cabinet doors and Windows, etc.
  3, the bar of the main partsHouse is the presence of the bar, you must be match each other. Ark is an integral part of the bar, it has the store drinks, fruits, alcohol and tobacco, plates, utensils, function, but also has the function of display cabinet modelling has a posture, ChuGuiShi, layer plate, etc., the individual can choose according to his be fond of. If is to use against the corner and the bar, the operating space need at least 90 cm. If set in single stage, so highly to 110 centimeters, double bar should be around 80 cm and 110 cm, during which the gap must be at least 25 cm. In general, the bar minimum sink must also be in more than 60 cm, operation table in 80 centimeters, the other can according to individual needs to measure. Buy water tank, flat bottom tank of choose and buy, best placed the cup, so don‘t dump or crashed, and sink depth best in more than 20 cm, so we can avoid splash.
  Stage mesa depth according to the function, if only drink with dinner, then the width of mesa is larger, if there are seats before preparation, mesa have to highlight the bar itself, so the table depth to at least 50 centimeters, so that the bar below can be more convenient to store items.
  The bar chair can generally be divided into rotation Angle and the center axis of the adjustment type steel tube chairs and stationary tall wooden bar chairs, bar chairs when the choose and buy, want to consider its texture and appearance, and also notice its height and the height of the bar is tie-in, otherwise it will give a person uncomfortable feeling.
  Drink holder and wine rack is necessary, because they are all can save a space storage tool. Some families also can consider to buy trolley, it can be very easily send prepared food or drink in the bar and restaurant.
  Sometimes, the atmosphere of the bar needs to be built by the lights, so on the choice of light also needs the hard time. In general, light warm color suit to sedentary, also easy to build atmosphere. Yellow lighting less eye injury, coupled with the shoot the light is strong, can penetrate reveals ark, let the bar present bright visual perception. If the bar is using a glass, the best in their internal installation of lighting and decorative lamps and lanterns, ark back wall with a piece of glass to reflect items contained in the mirror, give a person the sense with feast for the eyes.
  Wine at the top of the light shoulds not be too bright, in the summer with 15 watts of blue light bulbs, can give a person the sense with cool and refreshing and quiet; Winters are can use orange light bulbs, build give a kind of warm hazy effect; If is lovers, you can also use the pink light bulbs, it can give a person sweet and romantic emotional appeal.
  Wine of the height of each layer is at least 30 ~ 40 cm, placed the bottle part designed to be inclined to put, best can let wine flooded the cork, wine can store more, cabinet depth is not too big, so take things more convenient. It is best to use the bar mesa wear-resisting, refractory material, artificial stone, plate and stone is the ideal choice.